The best 5 photography hacks that will make top pictures

Taking a picture is more than just turn on the camera and click a button, making a great picture (1) includes art, science, creativity, practice and lot of passion, but there are some tricks that will help you, and these are the best photography hacks that will make top pictures in every shoot:

1) Create magical landscape with a slow shutter speed

Have you see the magical pictures of rivers or waterfalls where the water looks like foam, hair or smoke? This is one of the easiest tricks to get amazing pictures of landscapes, to get this done, you just need to slow down the shutter speed (2), and if you want to add something more, you can use a neutral density (ND) filter.

The slow shutter speed will help you to make the water or clouds looks calm, or even the highways, while the filter helps you to regulate the amount of light to get the same amount of exposure that you would have if you just take a regular picture, so the take doesn’t look overexposed.

2) Create an easy Macro Lens on your Smart Phone

If you need to take a picture using a Macro Lens, but all you have in hand is your cellphone, there’s no problem, because you can put a droplet of water on the lens of your smartphone using a straw, and with this you can magnify your image and photograph amazing details; if you do it be sure to put just a small droplet of water, since it won’t fell off the lens while you are taking pictures.

3) Make a low budget Beauty Dish to portraits

This is one of the best photography hacks that will make top pictures, because one of the main subjects that can ruin a photograph is not having the best type of lighting, one of them is the Beauty Dish, a photography lamp that helps to get the best portraits because of the way that it reflects the light into the subject.

An easy way to do a Beauty Dish is with an Aluminum Turkey Pan, you just have to cut a hole in the center of it, insert the flash or the bulb, and put some aluminum in the front of it, so the light will just reflect on the aluminum in a nice silver color.

4) The burst mode: an underestimated help

Some people never touch the burst mode on their cameras, and this is a mistake, as you can use it to get jumping or groups picture easily, because once you shoot with the burst mode on, you will be having different pictures of the same moment, and one of them will be the perfect high of the jump, or the best faces and expressions, and you will not have to repeat multiple times the same picture.

5) Look for a different and interesting perspective

Must of people will take pictures in areas where they are comfortable, but this kind of pictures becomes so common that it gets boring, so here is one of the best photography hacks that will make top pictures and will help you maintain alive your passion: Try to find a new perspective.

For instance: everyone will take a front picture of a tree, but how can you make it different? You must look for that different perspective that nobody sees often, this will be not easy at first, but the more you practice the better pictures you will get


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