Henri Cartier Bresson : the story of a French photograph genius

Today, we have the honor of publishing a guest post by Samantha Smith, who provides French lessons in Paris (little promotion for my friend ^^).

This post is about one of the most famous French photographers. He is known for having spent  a considerable amount of time taking real life pictures. Let’s have a look at his life and vocation.


  • Over the past century, photographers have been increasingly acclaimed for their form of art. One photographer whose work have been one of the masterpieces in the field is Henri Cartier-Bresson. He is considerably acknowledged for its spontaneous photographs and for having established the photojournalism as an artwork.


  • He was deported on August 22, 1908, and established itself as a pioneer of wordlide photographs. He traveled the world, camera in hand, and have hatched some of the major events in the France ranging from French uprising to the Spanish civil war in 1968.


  • There are tons of renowned works that have planted themselves in the marketplace as a masterpiece and have drawn in thousands of people to have a look at. One such work is “The decisive moment” (https://www.amazon.com/Henri-Cartier-Bresson-Decisive-Cartier-Bresson/dp/3869307889)
  • a book with revolutionary 124 photographs from east to west countries of the globe. The work received praise from all over the globe and good reviews by the critics of the time. The book is available in English as easily as in French as well. It is a highly advised reading for young photographers learning photography today and who look forward to being photographers in the forthcoming age.


  • The variety of lessons presented by Henri Cartier-Bresson was quite practical. That’s why today his name is also held by some of the finest photographers in the globe. His learnings are already scripted into articles and are even taught while teaching photography in some of the colleges.


  • Henri Cartier-Bresson traveled the globe and has expended a considerable amount of time in India as well. His passion for travel, as the exposure he generated through travel is worth sharing and made him what he is today.


  • In his later years in the 1970s he took retirement from photography, to turn his focus towards drawings and paintings. He held many exhibitions to showcase his work.


  • He saw many hiccups in relationships, divorced with his first wife Ratna Mohini and later on married Martine Franck and have a daughter by his second marriage also.


  • He traveled without any bounds and that is depicted in his work as well. As he is an artist, he has captured each and every moment very artistically and shared his techniques with the world. In his later years when he stopped photography, he always said that he had kept his camera at a safe place in his house and rarely had a look at it.


  • Today his wife and daughter have a foundation on his name where he put his legacy. He will always be commemorated for his work and as a founding father of photojournalism. A founder who has given photography a worldwide recognition.

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